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230000 illegal advertisements of Xining Chengzhong printing enterprises were checked

recently, the law enforcement officers of Xining Chengzhong District Industrial and commercial branch inspected some printing enterprises within their jurisdiction, and confiscated 230000 illegal prints printed by Xining Jiacai Printing Co., Ltd. according to law

According to Chi, chief of the market management department of Xining Chengzhong District branch of industry and commerce, seven printing units in the district were inspected this time and Xining Jiacai Printing Co., Ltd. was suspected of printing advertisements in violation of regulations. During the inspection, law enforcement officers learned that the 230000 printed materials printed by the company include advertisements for food, real estate and cancer, which have illegal procedures and contents. It is understood that law enforcement officials have confiscated 230000 illegal advertisements printed by the company according to law, and punished the person in charge of the company

the General Election Bill was not passed

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