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Detailed description of printing paper types

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in the packaging and printing industry, a variety of printing papers are often used. Today, China's paper industry will start with printing paper. Let's introduce the relevant contents in detail

coated paper

paint is made of pigments, adhesives and auxiliary materials, which are coated on the surface of paperboard by special equipment. After drying and pressing, a bunch of cotton cloth is used to wipe back and forth in the barrel to remove any cleaning resin or fatty acid residues; After several times of such back and forth wiping, a smooth and dense coating with standard tension value of Jinan tensile machine is formed on the paper surface, and coated paper with good surface performance and printing performance is obtained. It is mainly used for cigarette boxes, labels, cartons, etc

offset paper

is mainly single-sided offset printing paper. The paper is white and smooth, but its whiteness, tightness and smoothness are lower than those of coated paper. Super calendered offset paper has better smoothness and tightness than ordinary calendered offset paper. After printing words and patterns, it can be pasted with yellow paper into a carton

trademark paper

commercial paper is white and has good printing performance. It is used to make trademark marks

kraft paper

includes box board paper, cement bag paper, high-strength corrugated paper and brown paperboard. Kraft paper is a kind of high-strength packaging paper made of softwood sulfate color paste with tough texture, high strength and yellowish brown surface. From the appearance, it can be divided into single-sided light, double-sided light, striped, non striped and other varieties, with slightly different quality requirements. Kraft paper is mainly used for making small paper bags, document bags and inner packaging of industrial products, textiles and daily necessities. Kraft paper is divided into u, a and B3 grades

corrugated paper

corrugated paper is pressed into corrugated shape in the production process. After being made into corrugated board, it will provide the elasticity and flat compression strength of the board, and affect the vertical compression strength and other properties. Corrugated paper should have a flat surface and consistent thickness, and there should be no wrinkles, cracks, holes and other paper diseases, otherwise it will increase the breakage fault in the production process and affect the product quality

paper bag paper

paper bag paper is similar to kraft paper, which is mostly produced from softwood sulfate pulp. In China, it is also produced by mixing some bamboo pulp, cotton stalk pulp and rag pulp. Therefore, paper bag paper has high mechanical strength and is generally used to make packaging bags for cement, pesticides, chemical fertilizers and other industrial products. In order to meet the requirements of filling, paper bag paper is required to have certain permeability and large elongation


cellophane is a widely used lining paper and decorative packaging paper. Its transparency makes it clear to the inside goods. After the surface is coated with plastic, it has the properties of moisture-proof, water-proof, air tight, heat sealing and so on, which plays a good role in protecting the goods. Compared with ordinary plastic film, it has the advantages of no static electricity, dust prevention, good kinking, etc. Cellophane has white, color, etc

white cardboard

is a kind of flat paper with smooth surface and strong texture

white paperboard

white paperboard is divided into double-sided white paperboard and single-sided white paperboard. Double sided white paperboard is only used for the packaging of high-end goods. Generally, single-sided white paperboard is mostly used in cartons, such as the outer packaging boxes for cigarettes, cosmetics, drugs, food, stationery and other goods

composite paper

use adhesive to connect paper and paperboard with 14. Realize independent operation of host and microcomputer; It is laminated with plastic, aluminum foil and cloth to obtain composite processing paper. Composite processing paper can not only improve the appearance performance and strength of paper and paperboard, but also improve the waterproof, moisture-proof, oil resistance, air tightness, fragrance retention and other properties. At the same time, it can also obtain heat sealing, light blocking, heat resistance and so on. The production methods of composite paper include wet method, dry method, thermal melting and extrusion compounding

printing paper

paper specially for printing. It can be divided into: paper, book paper, cover paper, securities paper, etc. According to different printing methods, it can be divided into relief printing paper, gravure printing paper, offset printing paper, etc

fine corrugated

also known as E-type corrugated board is thin and has good stiffness. It is generally used to make cartons as sales packaging; E-type corrugated board can also be used as ampoule buffer separator alone

yellow paperboard

yellow paperboard, also known as straw paperboard, is yellow in color. It is mainly used for ordinary paper box packaging shoes, hardware products and some cheap goods. After being pasted with a layer of beautifully printed label paper, it is also used for packaging clothing and knitwear. The raw materials for the production of yellow paperboard are 100% natural lime rice straw pulp or wheat straw pulp and waste paper

carton board

carton board is used as the surface of corrugated board. After being made into a box, it is the surface of the carton. Therefore, it is required that the carton board has high strength properties such as pressure resistance, folding resistance, tensile resistance, wear resistance, puncture resistance, and a certain degree of water resistance. The paper is strong and tough. At the same time, it must also have good appearance performance and printability

self adhesive paper

most of them use white board with high strength as the base paper, and become self-adhesive paper by coating self-adhesive. Use: self adhesive paper printing trademarks, labels

glass paperboard

is a kind of flat paper, which is glossy on both sides

aluminum foil backing paper

aluminum foil backing paper: including vacuum aluminized paper. Paper and aluminum foil are combined together with adhesive to make backing paper. It is mainly used for cigarette, candy and other packaging

corrugated paperboard

includes honeycomb paperboard. After the thick paper is processed into corrugated shape, it is bonded with the paperboard in a certain way to form a multilayer paperboard called corrugated paperboard

other paper packaging

including palpable boxes, computer paper products, transparent paper packaging, refrigerated boxes, transportation packaging, fertilizer bags, water coated adhesive tape paper, wood pulp, color printing paper, cigarette paper, paper packaging materials, paper plastic packaging products, calcium plastic board lining, silk packaging, buckle boxes, injection boxes, pharmaceutical packaging, tarpaulin, cotton paper, iron lock packaging, foam soda, hemp packaging products, plastic envelopes, inner lattice matching, clothing pallets Kraft paper bag

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