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Detailed operation steps of automatic plate punching machine


* first check whether the electrical part falls off and whether the external power supply is ~220v

* before starting the machine, first determine whether there is liquid medicine or water in the tank. If there is no water in the tank, starting the machine will burn the heater and circulating motor

* roller Whether the water spray pipes are positioned and whether the drying fan protection is covered

start up:

press the on/of key once, and the indicator light is on, indicating that the machine has been started and can be developed. After starting up, the temperature of the developer will automatically rise to the set temperature, and then the circulating system starts to act; If the actual liquid temperature has reached the set temperature or exceeded the set temperature, the circulating water spray system will not act and will be in a static state. It will not act until the plate is flushed


it is found that the failure process can be divided into three stages: (1) the formation of fatigue cracks; (2) Fatigue crack expansion; (3) Momentary fracture, press the on/of key once, the indicator light goes out, and the water spray system will be cycled after shutdown The drying system and transmission system are stopped


the PS version that needs to be developed is put from entrance a

the PS version that does not need to be developed is put in from the B inlet

whether to glue or not can be controlled by the red switch on the panel. I means glue, O means no glue

data reading:

temperature display: press the development temperature button once to read the development temperature. At this time, the number displayed on the display does not flash, that is, the temperature of the actual liquid medicine Then press the temperature display button again. At this time, the number displayed on the display flashes, that is, the user's set temperature

drying temperature: press this button once, just like the temperature display. If necessary, use the viscometer to measure the word. When the word does not flash, it is the actual drying temperature; Press again, and the word flashes, that is, the temperature required by the user is displayed

number of Editions: press this key once, and the number of editions that have been punched will be displayed on the display. If you want to return to zero, press this key once, and then quickly press it three times, and the number of editions will return to zero

speed: press this key once, and the flashing number on the display is the user's set speed. The number is adjustable from 20 to 40, 20 is the fastest and 40 is the slowest. Press this key once and then quickly press it for three times. The flashing number displayed is the process set by the user, that is, the time from the beginning of printing to the time when the version completely leaves the printing machine. If the machine stops before the version completely comes out, it means that the user's setting process is too short. If the version has completely left for a long time, but the machine is still running, the process setting is too long

supplement: press this key once, and the flashing number displayed is the unit of liquid medicine that the user sets to be automatically supplemented for each plate. The flashing number can be increased or decreased at will by the user as needed Press three times continuously and quickly, that is, manually replenish, and the motor will open to replenish the potion

reverse: press this key once, the market capacity of the plastic extruder will be further expanded, and the ongoing plate punching process will stop immediately, just like reset. If you press this key continuously for five seconds, the advancing plate will reverse out

data change:

change the temperature display: press the temperature display key, the displayed number flashes, and then press + or - to change the displayed number according to the needs of the user. If you press the acceleration key and + or - key, the displayed preliminary statistics change, that is, the multiple changes, in order to achieve the purpose of rapid change

change the baking temperature Speed technological process. Supplement and other methods are the same as the temperature display form, and the operation method is the same

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