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Comparison between CVD technology and off-line vacuum magnetron sputtering process

off line vacuum magnetron sputtering process is to coat metal silver functional film with low radiation effect on the surface of glass. In this case, multi-layer dielectric film must be added on both sides as protection and transition film layer, and the film layer is combined with glass through physical bond

this "soft coating" product has the following limitations: the film is easy to be scratched or damaged; Because silver is easy to oxidize, the film will deteriorate after contacting with air, so its life is limited; The coated glass must be synthesized into hollow in a short time; For example, deep processing such as tempering is generally completed before coating

low-e adopts CVD technology, which has the leading level of world enterprises and is not willing to rashly improve the output. In the process of accelerating the development of new energy-saving and environmental protection varieties with high added value in the production of float glass, when the glass is at a high temperature of nearly 700 ℃, the surface is coated with semiconductor metal oxide, and the film is combined with the glass through chemical bonds to become a part of the glass surface. Therefore, it has good chemical stability and thermal stability

this "hard coating" product has the following characteristics: it can be used in a single piece; The film is firm and durable, realizing permanent energy saving; When synthesizing hollow, it is not necessary to remove the edge film, and it can be processed and stored like ordinary float glass, such as hot bending, tempering, etc. The phenomenon of obvious plastic deformation in the () part of Zhonghua glass when the load does not increase is called yield

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