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"Experts say" experts in plastics, rubber, new materials and other industries are called experts because they are proficient in their respective fields of study, have unique views on the industry, and have sufficient ability to find a breakthrough for the industry. Their remarks usually have a certain authority and can be used as a reference for the development of the industry. So, what are the opinions of experts in the rubber and plastic industry? How do they make suggestions for the development of the industry? And listen to what "experts say..." plastic packaging and printing industry experts:

since 2016, the state, provinces and cities have successively issued a series of green environmental protection related policies and regulations, and carried out long-term environmental protection supervision activities. The new round of environmental protection supervision and accountability is more stringent. The green storm is both pressure and opportunity for plastic film, plastic and paper color printing composite and other related industries. Many enterprises with backward technology, poor management and non-compliance with environmental protection requirements will face the dilemma of shutdown and rectification

domestic experts and scholars agreed that they should understand the policy, implement the policy, strictly implement the relevant laws and regulations, respond to the new requirements of environmental protection through technological innovation, management innovation, transformation and upgrading, and solve the volatile organic solvents in solvent based inks; The application and promotion of green environmental protection materials and processing technology is the way to reduce VOCs emissions, achieve energy conservation and emission reduction, protect the environment and take a green and healthy development path

Chinese plastic processing industry experts:

on August, the "China plastic processing industry expert academician trip kick-off meeting" organized by the China plastic processing industry association was held in Shantou, Guangdong Province. The expert academician felt the pulse and gave advice to plastic enterprises in eastern Guangdong on the spot. Zhuwenwei, executive vice president, said that the expert academician bank is a way to promote innovation. In the future, the China Plastics Association should make this work persist and normalize. Through stations, platforms and other channels, experts can visit and feel the pulse, and answer the puzzles in industry innovation, technological progress and application development. We hope to promote the healthy development of the plastic industry through joint efforts

Chinese materials experts:

at the China Materials Conference held in Yinchuan, Ningxia, in August, the participating experts believed that the conversion efficiency of perovskite and cadmium telluride thin-film solar cells has been continuously improved, with the advantages of low preparation cost, light weight and broad development prospects, but the bottlenecks such as poor stability and difficult preparation in large areas have hindered their large-scale industrialization. Some experts and scholars suggested that we should increase basic research, focus on flexible batteries, strengthen research and development, break foreign technological monopoly, promote the industrialization of thin-film solar cells, and promote the upgrading of China's photovoltaic industry

Rubber experts from four countries:

on May 18, the second Yunnan Rubber Industry Development (International) forum was held in Kunming. The theme of the forum was "the development of natural rubber industry under the deepening of supply side reform - change and leap". At the forum, people from the rubber industry in China, Thailand, Laos and Singapore exchanged views on the supply side reform of China's rubber industry under the current situation

servato pinizoto, Secretary General of the international rubber research organization, said that 70% of the consumption of natural rubber depends on the tire industry. For a long time in the past, the growth of global natural rubber consumption was inseparable from the pull of China's automobile consumption. "Globally, the output of natural rubber is in a situation of overproduction. As China's economy enters the new normal and the demand for automobile consumption slows down, the rubber industry needs to make breakthroughs in technological innovation and product extension." Salvatore pinizoto said so

Experts in the new chemical materials industry:

on July 14, at the 2017 China new chemical materials industry development strategy seminar held in Jining, participating experts discussed the future development direction of the new chemical materials industry

Zhao Jungui, vice president and Secretary General of China Petroleum and Chemical Industry Federation, said that China's traditional petrochemical industry has matured, and the chemical industry must change to the direction of diversification of raw materials, high-end technology, product differentiation, comfortable service, specialization, green and intelligent production. However, in the downstream field of new chemical materials, due to the self-sufficiency rate of only about 60%, the phenomenon of no material available, difficult to use with materials, and dare not use good materials is very prominent. On the whole, the total amount of new chemical materials in China only accounts for 14.9% of the world, far lower than 28% in the United States, 20.3% in Western Europe and 17.3% in Japan. In terms of varieties, China's high-performance membrane materials, special rubber, high-performance fluorosilicone materials and high-end fiber materials account for only 5.1%, 5.6%, 6% and 2.6% of the world's total respectively. This has become a prominent constraint on the development of China's strategic emerging industries and the transformation and upgrading of the industry. Zhao Jungui mentioned that China's new material market has grown rapidly, and the industrial scale has expanded rapidly from 600billion yuan in 2010 to 2trillion yuan in 2015, with an average annual growth of nearly 25%. A new type of industrial cluster characterized by resource transformation and military civilian sharing in the western region has initially formed. "To be honest, it is impossible for us to make breakthroughs in all technology fields before 2020, but we must strive to make breakthroughs in major key technology fields related to national security and national strategic industrial development, which we can never buy or exchange." Zhao Jungui said

Zhang Li, deputy chief engineer of the petroleum and Chemical Industry Planning Institute, mentioned that taking synthetic resin as an example, China's general synthetic resin industry has entered a period of structural adjustment, and the efforts to transform and develop and seek breakthroughs need to be strengthened. Therefore, it is necessary to improve the production level, appropriately speed up the project construction by means of independent development or introduction of technology, improve the domestic self-sufficiency rate, promote a number of special workers that are currently blank in China, and meet the industrialization of experimental process plastics, such as poly (aryl ether nitrile), poly (ethylene naphthalene dimethoate), poly (terephthalic acid), 1,4-cyclohexane dimethyl ester, special nylon, etc. At the same time, we should eliminate the supply bottleneck of key supporting raw materials, improve the applicability of engineering plastics to market segments and product cost performance, especially to meet the needs of automobile lightweight, energy conservation and environmental protection. In terms of less material for key strategic material contact points, the industry should closely focus on the major needs of the new generation of information technology industry, high-end equipment manufacturing industry, focus on high-performance separation membrane materials, high-performance fibers and composites, new energy materials, break through the technical and market barriers of materials and devices, and realize industrialization and large-scale application

conclusion of the author:

based on the views of many experts, the author concludes that if an industry wants to develop, it must meet the pace of the times and closely follow the pace of national policies. Environmental protection is the general trend. If any industry wants to run counter, there will be no good way out. Technological innovation and industrial transformation are powerful ways for an industry to achieve leapfrog development. In addition, the promotion of platform channels also plays a key role in the development of enterprises and industries. As the saying goes, wine is also afraid of deep alleys. It is also necessary for all relevant people in the industry to have timely and effective communication and exchange, and to have a brainstorming

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