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Advantages and disadvantages of photovoltaic "golden sun" and "kilowatt hour subsidy mode"

first, the historical process of China's photovoltaic power generation

China's photovoltaic power generation industry was still in its embryonic form before the 1980s. During the national "sixth five year plan" (1981-1985) and "Seventh Five Year Plan" (1986-1990), the central and local governments first invested in the photovoltaic field, This has consolidated China's very weak solar cell industry and established demonstrations in many application fields, opening the prelude to the development of China's photovoltaic power generation industry

After the 1990s, with the initial formation of China's photovoltaic industry and the reduction of costs, the application field began to develop to the industrial field and rural electrification application, and the market expanded steadily. Vigorously supporting the development of photovoltaic power generation industry was gradually included in the national and local government plans

in the 21st century, the "power transmission to rural areas" project implemented from 2002 to 2003 has completed the installed capacity of photovoltaic power generation of about 19000 kW, which has solved the problem of electricity consumption in China's non electricity towns, played a great role in promoting the application of photovoltaic power generation and photovoltaic cell manufacturing, and promoted the rapid and substantial growth of China's photovoltaic market

the medium and long term development plan of renewable energy released by China in September 2007 proposed that the total installed capacity of photovoltaic power generation in China would reach 1.8 million KW by 2020. Moreover, the "new energy revitalization plan" being formulated by the state puts forward that in 2020, the installed capacity of photovoltaic power generation will reach 20million kW, which is more than 10 times of the 1.8 billion stipulated in the "renewable energy medium and long term development plan", which shows that the government's requirements for photovoltaic power generation are unprecedented both in terms of support and scale. The frequent favorable policies of the state will greatly stimulate and encourage the photovoltaic industry and become a strong signal guiding the development of the photovoltaic industry

the landmark government incentive policies in China's photovoltaic power generation market include the notice on the "golden sun demonstration project" issued by the National Energy Administration in 2009 and the latest notice on the "large-scale application demonstration area of distributed photovoltaic power stations" issued in October 2012, which respectively contain different support policies for the photovoltaic power generation industry. The following focuses on the development situation of China's photovoltaic power generation market under these two modes

II. Advantages and disadvantages of the golden sun demonstration project

"golden sun demonstration project" is a major industrial policy implemented by the state in July 2009 to promote the technological progress and large-scale development of the domestic photovoltaic power generation industry and cultivate strategic emerging industries. It can be said that the Chinese government has given birth to a leading "child" for the development of the photovoltaic industry in China

the overall implementation of the "golden sun demonstration project" is an incentive policy led by the Chinese government to guide and encourage enterprises to invest in the construction of photovoltaic power stations by relying on part of the funds during the subsidy construction period. It is the leader of the incentive policy of China's photovoltaic power generation industry. The promulgation of this policy has triggered great changes in the industry, and China's own photovoltaic power station construction and engineering companies have begun to emerge and flourish, China's own photovoltaic power station investment company also came into being. It is a far-reaching project to make photovoltaic power stations from "None" to "have". It was awarded "by the China Plastics Association and the Special Committee on modified plastics"; Scientific research and experiment production base rdquo; And ldquo; Functional heavy calcium carbonate production base rdquo; Guiding policies. The finance bureau invests tens of billions of yuan every year to encourage construction, which can be described as suffering hardship. It can be seen that the Chinese government attaches far-reaching importance to the photovoltaic power generation industry! This policy is very effective and has greatly promoted the development of the overall photovoltaic power generation industry, as well as the understanding of photovoltaic power generation in the whole society, and has laid a solid foundation for the launch of China's photovoltaic power market

however, as the subsidy for the golden sun demonstration project is "ex ante subsidy" and domestic enterprises are "crossing the river by feeling the stone", this policy has led to some speculation in the photovoltaic power generation industry. In order to earn national subsidies, some project application enterprises have adopted methods such as shoddy products and false prices. Due to the lack of project implementation experience of domestic enterprises, the project quality of some power stations can not meet the acceptance standards; At the same time, because the funds are in place in advance, the power station after construction and acceptance will no longer be paid attention to, or even after the power station is completed. Cooperating with Party B to complete the installation and commissioning of equipment, the enterprise does not care about the power generation situation of the power station, and the later power generation cannot be guaranteed; These circumstances have turned some "fragrant steamed buns" before the "golden sun demonstration project" into "uncompleted residential flats" after the event

in order to solve the above problems, the state plans to adopt the method of quality inspection of secondary photovoltaic power stations after subsidies, requiring photovoltaic power stations to install remote monitoring systems, and upload the real-time data of power station operation to the designated data center as a necessary condition for project acceptance and subsequent subsidy distribution, while strengthening the review of the next batch of applied projects and improving the acceptance standards of the project, Strengthen the management of the subsidy after observing the completed power station. However, these measures are "symptoms rather than root causes"

III. advantages and disadvantages of kilowatt hour subsidy mode

director Wang Jun of the Department of new and renewable energy of the national energy administration has always called for "the development of new energy ultimately depends on power generation, not installed capacity". Therefore, the "kilowatt hour subsidy" mode is adopted, and the subsidy according to the actual power generation replaces the "prior subsidy" that can be obtained before the project starts construction, so as to ensure that the national subsidy is not wasted, Only by promoting investment enterprises to pay real attention to the quality of photovoltaic power station construction and operation can the overall effect of photovoltaic power station be guaranteed

the National Energy Administration recently issued a special document on the subsidy policy of "new energy cities and large-scale demonstration areas of distributed photovoltaic power stations", saying that the State implements a quota subsidy policy for photovoltaic power generation projects, and implements a unified subsidy policy for spontaneous self consumption and excess electricity. This policy will vigorously promote the rapid development of urban photovoltaic power stations and distributed energy. Only by promoting and developing the domestic market and releasing photovoltaic production capacity, can China's photovoltaic get rid of the dilemma of "two ends at the same time", let the photovoltaic industry that is frequently facing survival crisis "come back to life", and let China's photovoltaic industry become the support and driving force to truly promote the development of Jinan gold testing plastic film tensile machine in the country's new energy economy

although the new deal of the National Energy Administration provides a bright prospect and path for the development of distributed photovoltaic power stations by immediately organizing scientific researchers to set up a project team to start trial production, if we do not fundamentally solve the practical problems of small roof area, low power generation and large dispersion, which are very inconvenient to manage and difficult, In the short term, distributed generation is still a "visible cake". Zhonghua glass () Department

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