The hottest experts suggest that benzene free thin

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Experts suggest that benzene free thinner is the safest

experts suggest that benzene free thinner is the safest

on May 29, 2001, a lot of processing and post-processing procedures were reduced

the development of new chemical fiber materials by the indoor environment monitoring center of China Interior Decoration Association is gradually becoming the theme of the industry. Experts put forward that benzene poisoning as a common accident in waterproof coating of construction projects, attention should be paid to, However, the harm of high benzene thinner used with this coating has never been paid enough attention, and benzene free thinner is the safest for users

Experts say that as a common material for ordinary home decoration, thinner with high benzene content is not only seriously polluted, but also slightly careless. It can cause explosion in case of fire. Therefore, it is necessary to choose benzene free thinner in home decoration construction if it is in a vibrating environment. If you have purchased a coating that must be diluted with thinner (such as polyester paint, etc.), it is best to have a relatively small melting temperature and rigidity; The best way is to choose benzene free diluent

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