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American experts say that 2007 will be the year of all-round development of RFID applications

foreign expert groups say that the application prospect of RFID technology in advertising and retail sectors is unlimited

according to the expert group of the national retail alliance in New York City, RFID applications have experienced a "hype" year in 2005 and consolidated in 2006. After that, 2007 will be the year of all-round development of RFID applications, according to the American electronic supply and manufacturing (EMS) magazine

According to EMS magazine, RFID technology can not only improve work efficiency, but also pay attention to whether there are scratches when replenishing inventory in time; It can also be used to improve consumers' shopping experience

since the early implementation of RFID system application has begun to take effect, application providers are now actively looking for the application of RFID system in different aspects to complete more tasks in June 2019

"regardless of whether FID is applied to single product labeling or asset tracking under normal conditions of use, it is important that retailers have begun to take a comprehensive view of this technology in order to obtain the best interests," said Rachael mcbrearty, vice president of iconniholson, an RFID solution and system integrator

rfid technology came into being as early as the 1920s of the 19th century, so the experimental generation of plastic and rubber materials, which were not suitable, was mainly used in listening and communication equipment at that time

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