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Experts: don't be confused by luxury packaging when buying "foreign food"

People's Tianjin windows, September 2: foreign food positioned at high quality and high price has begun to enter people's lives in recent years, and major shopping malls have opened exclusive sales areas for imported food. However, can these bright and expensive foreign foods be safe to eat? Is the quality of domestic food really inferior to that of foreign food? Visited and investigated the shopping malls and supermarkets in Tanggu and the development zone

the daily output of 33 ml Evonik innovative materials is applied to auto parts chili oil for 22.7 yuan, domestic 50 ml 3 yuan

Korean seasoning, Swiss chocolate, and Danish cookies. In recent years, the penetration flux has increased by 20%. Many foreign foods have begun to be placed on the shelves of shopping malls and supermarkets in China, and gradually entered the lives of ordinary citizens. Data show that in the past five years, the average annual growth rate of imported foreign food into China has been about 15%

it was found in shopping malls and large supermarkets in Tanggu and the development zone that there were special counters for the sale of imported food in all shopping malls. These imported foods are exquisite in appearance, and their prices are much higher than those of domestic similar foods. In the imported food counter of a supermarket in Tanggu District, a bottle of 33 ml chili oil produced in Japan is priced at 22.7 yuan, while in the market, the price of domestic 50 ml ordinary bottled chili oil is about 3 yuan. After consulting the salesperson, the other party said: even if there is a difference in the composition of the two chili oils, it will not be very big. However, the price of imported food includes tariff, transportation cost, sales risk and other factors, so the price is naturally more expensive

misunderstanding: the quality of foreign food is guaranteed

it was learned in the interview that these relatively expensive imported foods have quite a market

the sales volume of imported food is gradually increasing, and the consumer groups are mainly urban white-collar workers, returnees and young people who pursue personality. These people have considerable economic income, and there is no burden to buy 5 ⑴ 0% good food. Many people buy imported food without asking price. An insider said that if we can't sell it, of course, we won't ship it

the quality of foreign food should be better than that of domestic food, and the packaging should be more beautiful. Miss Yu from a logistics company said that she would buy some imported food as a small gift to her friends during festivals. But when asked whether she knew what aspects should be paid attention to when buying imported food, she looked at a loss. She believes that the quality of imported food is guaranteed. In fact, Ms. Yu's idea represents the psychological misunderstanding of some imported food consumers: they feel fashionable, but they lack basic understanding

the quality of some domestic food has surpassed that of foreign counterparts

however, some other consumers believe that we should not blindly believe in the quality of foreign food, and the consumption vision of Chinese people cannot always look out. On the one hand, the quality of domestic food is generally not inferior to that of foreign products; On the other hand, imported foreign food also warns us that the work of building and promoting domestic high-end food is imminent

some experts believe that the large-scale entry of foreign food into China's market shows that China's development of the consumer market for high-end food and agricultural products is not enough. In fact, the quality of some food and raw materials in China has surpassed that of foreign counterparts, and the main reason why the price cannot be sold is the lack of packaging and publicity

the more fashionable and luxurious consumer goods, the more likely they are to have consumption blindness and the risk of being damaged. Relevant experts said that many consumers do have great blindness and do not know the maximum force applied by the penetrating gasket in the relevant records of the product. They believe that as long as it is imported, it is good. This view is wrong. In foreign countries, there are many food problems. When facing imported food, consumers should learn to consume rationally and not be confused by luxurious packaging and high prices

three principles for buying foreign food

when buying imported food in the market, consumers should have more eyes and grasp the following three principles

first, don't be greedy for small things. In order to avoid losing big things for small things, consumers should try their best to buy imported food in regular shopping malls. It is difficult to verify the integrity of imported food from stalls and small shops

second, pay attention to the Chinese labels of imported food. According to the relevant regulations of China, imported food must be labeled with qualified Chinese labels. Therefore, all prepackaged foods without Chinese labels are unqualified products. At the same time, consumers should pay special attention to whether the food is marked with production date and shelf life/storage period, whether it is marked with food ingredients, domestic agents and domestic addresses of imported food and other details

third, we should buy food on demand and reject the temptation of false advertisements. (sunqianlin)

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