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Experts say that the fourth industrial revolution will come in ten years, and artificial intelligence will be the core technology. Original title: experts say that the fourth industrial revolution will come in ten years, and artificial intelligence will be the core technology. The 2019 digital Expo is being held in Guiyang. Gao Wen, academician of the Chinese Academy of engineering, Professor of Peking University and chairman of the Chinese computer society, proposed at the high-end forum of the conference that in ten years, the fourth industrial revolution will come, which can be called the era of intelligence

According to Gao Wen's analysis, the industrial revolution has experienced three times in the past 300 years: the steam engine age, the electrical age and the information age. According to this historical law, every 100 years, the industrial revolution will take a step forward, "I think the fourth industrial revolution should come 10 years later, about in the 1930s, which can be called the intelligent age."

he said that AI has gone through more than 60 years and three stages. Up to now, it has developed into a deep neural network driven by big data. In the next 100 years, artificial intelligence will also be a very core and key technology, "so human society is moving towards the era of intelligence."

how should China develop AI in the new industrial era? Gao Wen pointed out that China has strong policy advantages and data advantages, and there are rich applications for everyone to understand the scene. Potential young people grow and gather rapidly, but at the same time, we should also see that China's basic theories and original algorithms in the field of artificial intelligence 4 The friction experiment runner and key components are still weak, and there are insufficient high-end talents

Gao Wen believes that we should start with data security protection, complete the learning framework, model algorithm, model migration, organize and build an open source community that can play an active role, and screen out some good examples and successful cases in the vertical field through various competition exchanges, and then promote them

"the fourth revolution of industrial household appliance manufacturers in order to build a safer electricity environment for users may come in the 1930s, and we still have about 10 years to prepare." Gao Wen summarized that in this era of intelligence, the development level and trend of artificial intelligence can be simply remembered with the four numbers "314pc/pbt alloy has high strength and toughness 4". "3" refers to the three stages of AI development: logical reasoning, expert system and deep learning; "1" is a basic judgment: weak AI has become a general trend, and strong AI still needs to be explored; The first "4" is that China has four advantages in developing artificial intelligence: policy advantage, data advantage, application scenario advantage and youth talent advantage; The second "4" is the four short boards of China's development of artificial intelligence: basic research short board, high-end period short board, open source platform short board and high-end talent short board

therefore, Gao Wen suggested that we should give full play to the subjective initiative of the government, enterprises, education, scientific research departments and other aspects, work together to make up for shortcomings, and empower the development of artificial intelligence

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