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Advantages and disadvantages analysis of inkjet printer continuous supply system

with the increasing popularity of the price of inkjet printer, it has entered thousands of households. Due to its wide range of use, it can be seen everywhere in enterprises, SOHO and families. However, if the oil level is lower than the oil window, add the same hydraulic oil to the middle of the oil window; If the oil has deteriorated, it is cheap but expensive to use, especially for users with large daily printing volume, such as advertising design, digital printing companies, construction industry, etc. due to the high frequency of drawing, the cost of ink consumables is not a small amount. General consumables manufacturers took the next step to meet this market demand, and launched a continuous ink supply system specially designed for inkjet printers on the market a few years ago

for users, saving money on consumables is equal to making money. Liangong has the advantage of carrying a large amount of ink, which is not comparable with the capacity of original consumables. Youyou once calculated roughly that the ink contained in a set of continuous supply, including the attached ink, is equivalent to the ink volume of 20 sets of original ink cartridges. Based on 100 yuan of each original ink cartridge, the price of buying a set of continuous supply is equivalent to the price of buying 2000 yuan of original ink cartridges. When users use the continuous supply, they can fill it outside the printer at any time by buying ink, which is very convenient. The overall cost is less than 10% of the original ink cartridge, and less than 25% compared with the compatible ink cartridge. Once such a number is calculated, many users are indeed moved by it

the quality of printing depends on the printer itself to a certain extent. Judging from the current inkjet printer technology, it has developed to a mature stage. Whether it is a household inkjet printer or a professional photo printer, as well as a commercial inkjet printer, which has emerged in recent years, these products can meet the printing needs of users in various fields. The continuous supply does not need to replace the ink cartridge, which not only saves money, but also saves a process, and the operation is simpler

even in professional large format inkjet printer products, there are almost corresponding continuous supplies. The production process of Liangong itself does not have much technical content. Therefore, it is gradually becoming popular. Now as long as you go to the store, many businesses are selling Liangong, not to mention mainstream products

but of course, there are good and bad things about continuous supply. After all, it is not original. Compared with the original ink cartridge, its advantage is the printing cost, but its disadvantage is the printing quality. Maybe some friends will say: you can't tell the difference with the naked eye, but it's easy to distinguish from the ink composition. Take our common Epson and HP inks for example. They are known to be colorfast for a hundred years. In order to reduce costs, most of them use dye inks, which is the difference between original and general consumables. Moreover, there is no standard technical specification for continuous supply at present. In case of damage to printer components, it is difficult for printer manufacturers to provide free maintenance

the print head is the most critical component in the inkjet printer. It is easy to be blocked and damaged in foreign countries after a long time of use. For the print head, the automobile lightweight achievement display area carefully created by various manufacturers will show you the new future of automobile lightweight with advanced, innovative and comprehensive products, so that you can feel that there are different treatments in the new future of automobile lightweight. Most of HP and Canon inkjet products integrate the printer head on the ink cartridge, so that the print head becomes a consumable, and it can be replaced when replacing the ink cartridge. Epson designed the print head in the machine, which is the fundamental reason why Epson's ink cartridges are cheaper than the other two. For the use of continuous supply, the service life of the print head integrated in the printer is relatively long, and there is almost no need to replace a set of continuous supply after it is installed; If the ink cartridge and the ink cartridge integrated with the print head are used, the print head is relatively easy to be damaged

summary: users of the continuous supply system can be said to have mixed opinions. In the face of the current high original consumables, many users still choose to take risks. In fact, as long as the general consumables manufacturers can do a good job in product quality and after-sales service, I believe that the continuous supply system is also a good choice

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