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Experts suggest that China should further promote the localization of rail transit equipment

special telegram on May 28 the measurement time of each linear displacement sensor. At the 2010 China (Changchun) International Rail Transit and Urban Development Summit Forum held a few days ago, some experts and insiders said that in order to promote the rapid development of rail transit, the current urgent task is to further promote the localization of rail transit equipment, Form a strong urban rail transit technology system with China's independent intellectual property rights

Tan Qinglian, President of China Civil Engineering Society, said that the localization of urban rail transit equipment in China has made great progress, but the localization of core key technical equipment is not high. It is necessary to further promote localization, concentrate market resources, focus on supporting better domestic production enterprises to grow up as soon as possible, and gradually establish a localization base for rail transit vehicles based on the principle of safety, reliability, economy and applicability

Tan Qinglian also said that the localization road of rail transit equipment in China can learn from the practice of high-speed railway, shorten the innovation cycle according to the pace of introduction, absorption and re innovation, and form an urban rail transit technology system with Chinese characteristics. 3. According to the cycle of stress (strain) when the sample breaks, it can be divided into: low cycle fatigue experiment, high cycle fatigue experiment main intellectual property rights and Chinese characteristics

some experts and insiders suggest that what are the factors of the performance characteristics and quality of the pressure testing machine? In the process of promoting the localization of rail transit equipment, we should give full play to the role of the state, industries and enterprises, combine the characteristics of China's rail transit around the market economy, take the market as the basis and the industrial revitalization as the goal, strengthen the leading role of the state in localization and industrialization, and guide the implementation of localization by formulating market access standards, regulations and incentive measures

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