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Experts talk about textile standards -- how can the establishment and updating of standards keep pace with the development of new products

first, establish the correct concept of technical standards and product standards

from the national level to industries and enterprises, we should attach great importance to the impact of differences in domestic and foreign technical standards on China's export trade and establish the correct concept of technical standards. First of all, the government should increase its support for standardization and actively guide and instill the concept of technical standards. Secondly, industry associations should give full play to the role of connecting the preceding and the following to transmit the awareness of standards, and carry out universal education of standard knowledge for enterprises. Thirdly, export enterprises should change the empirical production concept into the standardized production concept. In addition, we should establish the concept of "connecting with" international advanced standards, rather than using treaties such as TBT and WTO to circumvent or evade advanced standards

Second, increase the bargaining chips for China to participate in international standards activities

the most fundamental way to reduce standard differences is to improve the technical content of products. The government should adopt preferential industrial policies and strategic trade policies to encourage enterprises to carry out green technology innovation. And set up special institutions or guide industry associations to carefully study the differences in product standards and testing technical standards. Export enterprises should increase investment in technological transformation, eliminate backward equipment, and improve product inspection technology. So as to strive to upgrade the standard of China's high-quality products to international standards, and then take high-level standards as the support, so as to provide a strong bargaining chip and exchange chips for China to participate in high-level international standard activities

Third, improve the standard information platform and establish an early warning mechanism

China should improve the technical standard system related to products, health and environmental protection that is in line with international standards as soon as possible, and attach firmness by quoting in laws and technical regulations! The customer enforces the technical standards in the procurement process. The government should pay attention to the close contact with the national consultation of relevant technical standards and regulations in various countries, actively participate in international standardization activities, pay attention to the cooperation and exchange with various trading countries, strengthen the coordination with developing countries, timely collect information, and establish a standard information system specifically for China's major export trading countries. Through this information platform, we should establish an early warning mechanism, carefully analyze and learn from foreign advanced standards, provide timely and effective standardized information, technology, management consulting and market development guidelines for enterprises and governments, and encourage enterprises to boldly absorb foreign advanced standards and further innovate to improve China's standardization level

Fourth, vigorously promote the certification and accreditation system

in the face of the new international trade situation, China's certification and accreditation system, which currently has a low recovery rate, should be in line with international practices as soon as possible, so as to ensure product quality and safety, protect people's health, guide consumption, protect the environment, and expand trade from the source. More enterprises should obtain product certification from foreign authoritative institutions, especially product safety certification. We can start from three aspects: first, the load test is to cultivate the inspection market when there is a fixed angle gasket, and actively strive for more inspection institutions to cooperate with foreign authoritative inspection institutions. Second, improve inspection and quarantine technology and establish internationally advanced testing laboratories. Third, strengthen the participation in the certification of relevant international standards and the certification work with the inspection laboratories of major importing countries such as the European Union (such as Intertek, SGS, etc.), and strive to sign multilateral and bilateral mutual recognition agreements on various types of length of strain gauge base materials

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