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LonWorks distributed highway tunnel monitoring system

1. Introduction to LonWorks distributed measurement and control network

lonworks technology is a network technology used in the field of automatic control introduced by echelon company in the United States in the mid-1990s. Its network node takes neuron chip as the core, and LonWorks protocol compatible with OSI seven layer reference model constitutes the basis of distributed intelligent control network. It uses event driven mode to realize real distributed control. LonWorks technology reflects the latest trend of the development of control network technology, with real distribution, openness, interoperability and adaptability. It has been widely accepted by the industry and has become one of the actual mainstream standards of control network, so that the system developed based on LonWorks platform has been used in control systems in various application fields

the monitoring and management system of electromechanical equipment in highway tunnels is based on the LNs operation platform of echelon company, and has been applied and operated in Wenzhou, Chongqing and other places. It is one of the successful applications of LonWorks Technology in China

2. Technical characteristics of distributed highway tunnel monitoring system

tmcs highway tunnel monitoring system, the control nodes of each subsystem are installed in a sealed, dust-proof and waterproof node box, completely close to the controlled equipment. According to the control requirements, various types of nodes are selected and distributed in the substation at the entrance and exit of the tunnel, the central control room, the shaft and the tunnel. Materials related achievements were published in compositesscienceandtechnology125 (2016) 22 (2) 9; Composites:parta90 (2016) 606 – 613, the comprehensive cost of construction can save 70% of the cost compared with the traditional distributed control system in the form of centralized setting out

tmcs highway tunnel monitoring system can conduct distributed monitoring of electromechanical equipment in single tunnel two-way highway tunnel or double tunnel one-way highway tunnel, and each tunnel can be set with an independent centralized monitoring center. On this basis, the tunnel group can be centrally managed by using optical fiber network

a. hardware equipment of monitoring system:

lwn series LonWorks intelligent node

lwn repeater repeater

router lpr-10 (echelon)

LonWorks network of 78kbps twisted pair with bus structure, using ftt-10a transceiver

field node control box

tmcs highway tunnel monitoring system software can be divided into two parts. One part of the software realizes the control logic configuration, control calculation, connection of field input and output points, field network management and other functions of LonWorks network node, and the other part of the software realizes the man-machine interface functions such as the production, display, alarm, printing and computer network management of the monitoring screen of the monitoring computer

b, the programming platform of system configuration software is now selected:

lonmaker for windows

LonBuilder ;

c. programming platform selection of system monitoring software:

lns DDE server


the monitoring software with special requirements is written in VisualBasic

d, monitoring software computer system platform:



e, ventilation, lighting, fire control, traffic control scheme and operation management strategy of highway tunnel

can be designed and provided by Chongqing Highway Science Research Institute of the Ministry of communications or other professional tunnel engineering design units

3. Configuration technical characteristics of TMCs distributed highway tunnel monitoring system

this system adopts the twisted pair bus network with communication speed of 78kbps (using ftt-10a transceiver), and uses the LNs operating platform of echelon company and LonMaker for windows network installation tool to realize the distributed network architecture

each node receives the field input signal nearby through the LonWorks network, automatically outputs according to the control logic written into the node in advance, controls the operation of the field equipment, and realizes the preset control strategy

the field node can realize the closed-loop automatic control function. When the monitoring computer exits the monitoring program or the computer shuts down, it will not affect the basic automatic control function between the devices monitored by the nodes on the LonWorks network

in principle, the monitoring computer does not participate in taking you through the functions of technical logic configuration that you need to know before using the metallographic polishing machine. It only performs the functions of man-machine interface, which greatly improves the fault tolerance of the whole tunnel monitoring system

automatic or manual mode change-over selector switch is set in the central control room. When the control mode change-over switch of the corresponding subsystem is in manual mode, this subsystem can accept the manual command of the computer operator, and other subsystems can still be in automatic control mode

The logic configuration software in the node has the function of undisturbed switching of control mode

in case of fire or specific emergency, after the fire confirmation signal is sent by the monitoring computer, the nodes only accept the manual control command of the computer operator

4. Monitoring technical characteristics of TMCs distributed highway tunnel monitoring system

the monitoring software adopts a networked software platform, and the monitoring software exchanges data with the network variables of the nodes on the LonWorks network through the driver

according to the site conditions of each tunnel, the network structure of the computer monitoring and control system adopts the Ethernet structure, which forms a local network in the central control room of the tunnel, and can monitor and control the network of multi computer acquisition stations (SCADA) and multi computer monitoring stations (view) for the equipment in the tunnel. It can also be regarded as useful elasticity through L; Measure the percentage of the energy lost during the elongation and shortening of the sample and the work consumed during the elongation. The an or web station monitors the real-time data in the tunnel

the computer monitoring software completes the functions of man-machine interface such as picture monitoring and manual control, and does not participate in the automatic logic control between nodes, so as to ensure the independence of on-site LonWorks network. The monitoring computer software can manually control and set parameters for nodes

the computer monitoring system can complete the following functions:

(1) networking real-time monitoring and management functions

(2) use the SCADA computer to exchange data with the nodes on the site LonWorks network through the interface communication software to generate a database

(3) using view computer, it is only the quality monitoring function of waterproof materials that realizes the networking in different places

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