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Looking back to 2010: Interpretation of seven key words China IOT

it is the end of the year. Looking back to 2010, China IOT began to enter a new stage of substantive development: the policy environment has been continuously improved, the technological progress has been significantly accelerated, the market cultivation has been continuously deepened, the formulation of standards has been comprehensively accelerated, the number of demonstration projects has increased significantly, and the market scale has increased significantly. We might as well review this hot year from the seven key words of policy, organization and capital

IOT is constantly penetrating into the field of people's livelihood. The picture shows that in Wushan scenic spot in Fuzhou, electronic tour guides facilitate tourists' access to information


rise to dynamic rigidity on May 24. The functions and characteristics of the experimental machine: the national strategy was incorporated into the 12th Five Year Plan

during the two sessions at the beginning of this year, Premier Wen Jiabao first mentioned the IOT in the government work report, and many representatives and members also gathered according to the different ways of load measurement, and suggested that it should be taken as the development focus of the information industry, and the IOT officially rose to the national strategy, It is of great significance for China to seize the commanding heights of the global industrial chain in the future

On October 18, the Fifth Plenary Session of the 17th CPC Central Committee adopted the proposal of the CPC Central Committee on formulating the 12th Five Year Plan for national economic and social development. The 12th Five year plan makes it clear that strategic emerging industries are the key support objects of the country in the future, and the new generation of information technology is the top priority

industry experts said that the new generation of information technology mainly focuses on the next generation of communication networks, IOT, triple convergence, new flat panel displays, high-performance integrated circuits and high-end software, involving 3G, geospatial information industry, triple convergence and IOT. IOT has become a key word in the three special plans for science and technology, information industry and informatization in the 12th Five Year Plan


China IOT standards joint working group was established

on June 8, China IOT standards joint working group was established in Beijing to promote the research of IOT technology and the formulation of standards. The joint working group is voluntarily formed by 19 relevant standardization organizations, including 11 departments nationwide and the electronic label standard working group of the Ministry of industry and information technology, the sensor network standard working group of the national beacon Commission, and the National Smart Label Commission

the joint working group said in its proposal that it should devote national efforts to jointly promote the construction of China's IOT standard system. The proposal also points out that the development of IOT in China is still in the initial stage. Whether the national standards are independently formulated, or the R & D, industrialization and large-scale application demonstration of core technology products are still in the initial stage. The work of IOT standards involves all aspects, which requires cross sectoral and cross regional cooperation, strengthening coordination and joint promotion

in June this year, the China IOT standards joint working group was established to promote the construction of IOT standards system


the CPPCC proposal submitted by Wang Jianzhou for the development of IOT

telecom operators play a crucial role in the IOT industrial chain. On March 3, Wang Jianzhou, member of the National Committee of the Chinese people's Political Consultative Conference and chairman of China Mobile, submitted a proposal on developing IOT and promoting informatization at the National Committee of the Chinese people's Political Consultative Conference. This is another important discussion on the development of IOT made by Wang Jianzhou after publishing the signed article from Internet to IOT, which systematically explains the significant impact of IOT on human life

Wang Jianzhou timely proposed to develop IOT and promote informatization; Promote the integration of industrialization and informatization with the application and development of IOT, and give five suggestions: scientifically formulate the development plan of IOT; Establish technical standards for IOT machine related equipment as soon as possible, and develop IOT with independent intellectual property rights; Introduce industrial policies to support the development of IOT; Promote the application combination of wireless sensor network and TD-SCDMA network; Strengthen the scale promotion of IOT application

according to the plan of China Mobile, it will accelerate the application of IOT industry and promote the commercialization and scale of related industries with the help of TD-SCDMA Technology, especially the development of wireless cities


large and medium-sized cities have drawn up smart blueprints

following the loud slogan of building an IOT city in Wuxi at the beginning of the year, in April, Shanghai Jiading and Pudong New Area planned to build two IOT Industrialization Bases; In June, Guangzhou formulated the action plan for the development of IOT, which plans to increase the value of IOT by ten times to 150billion yuan within five years; In September, Ningbo also submitted the proposal on building a 100 billion level industrial cluster of Ningbo IOT. In addition, Beijing, Qingdao, Hangzhou, Chongqing and other places also announced high-profile plans to vigorously develop IOT industry and establish IOT bases or industrial parks

fortunately, the blueprints of these smart cities are not castles in the air. Everywhere, a series of wonderful IOT applications that help industrial upgrading and serve the people's livelihood have taken root and blossomed


the establishment of the first IOT industry investment fund in China

the rapid development of the domestic IOT industry has been favored and pursued by capital, and investors are optimistic about this promising and large market sunrise industry

in May, Datang Telecom Technology Co., Ltd. signed a cooperation agreement with Jiangsu IOT research and development center, and jointly initiated the establishment of a China IOT industrial investment fund with a total scale of 5billion yuan. This is the first IOT industry fund in China. After the establishment of the fund, through the combination of industrial capital, financial capital and government policy support, it will make direct equity investment in unlisted enterprises in the IOT industry, and carry out mergers and acquisitions for all kinds of listed or unlisted technology leading enterprises for the purpose of industrial integration, actively promote the independent innovation of the domestic IOT industry, so as to jointly promote the development of the IOT industry and realize capital appreciation, Create opportunities and lay a solid foundation for all parties in the development of IOT industry

the application of wireless sensor in greenhouse planting will leverage the transformation and upgrading of agriculture


colleges and universities in China have applied for the IOT major

the industry is booming, and talents take the lead. As a strategic emerging industry, the prosperity and development of IOT requires a large number of talents who are proficient in IOT information technology. In August, 2010, the Ministry of Education announced the approved 140 new undergraduate majors related to strategic emerging industries in Colleges and universities. Among the new undergraduate majors, IOT has become the most popular. Colleges and universities have applied for IOT related majors. A total of 37 colleges and universities have been approved, and the new majors will start enrollment in 2011

IOT, as a professional course, has officially entered the teaching course of talent training in Colleges and universities, which is not only a great embodiment of the country and the government's efforts to develop the IOT industry, but also a major measure that the country has made a timely response to the talent training model. At present, the IOT specialty in China includes teaching courses such as sensor principle, wireless communication principle, wireless sensor network, short-range wireless transmission technology, two-dimensional bar code technology, IOT security technology and IOT group technology


China's first IOT survey report

recently, at the 2010 China IOT and Smart City Construction Summit Forum, China's first "China IOT industry prosperity and entrepreneur confidence index survey report" was released. This survey report is the first exclusive authoritative release of the IOT industry boom and entrepreneur confidence index in China, and it is a macro monitoring of the IOT industry. It scientifically analyzes the development status of IOT enterprises, forecasts the future development trend of IOT industry, and provides reference for the government and relevant policy-making departments, so as to better guide the healthy and rapid development of IOT industry

the report points out that the industry boom and entrepreneur confidence index of China IOT in the fourth quarter of 2010 was 169.9, indicating that the industry boom and entrepreneur confidence index of China IOT is high, and the macroeconomic operation of the industry and the rectification and development trend of enterprise operation are good. The report also puts forward development suggestions for enterprises: pay attention to national policies and seize industrial opportunities; Make investment planning; Enhance R & D efforts and accelerate the integration of industrial chains; Actively explore business models; Accelerate the development of civil products

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