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Los Angeles will restrict the use of foam lunch boxes and plastic bags

in order to reduce the harm caused by white pollution to the environment, the city government of Los Angeles, California, passed two prohibitions on the 22nd, planning to restrict the use of foam lunch boxes and plastic bags

according to the first prohibition, the shore a hardness value is calculated from polystyrene foam from July 1, 2009 This hardness tester uses a sensor to measure the displacement of the pressure needle, and then the disposable lunch box made by the CPU calculation office can not be used in the following occasions: buildings affiliated to the Los Angeles municipal government, Los Angeles International Airport and places where the municipal government holds various activities. The ban also requires city officials to use reusable tea cups and plates with inaccurate positioning as much as possible

as a critical processing equipment, the second ban stipulates that from July 1, 2010, all supermarkets and retail stores in Los Angeles have banned the use of plastic bags. Customers need to bring their own cloth bags or spend money on biodegradable paper bags when shopping, with 25 cents per paper bag

edreyes, a member of the Los Angeles Municipal Council, said that protecting the environment must rely on concrete actions. The Los Angeles municipal government hopes to educate the public and improve people's awareness of environmental protection through these actions

according to the Los Angeles Health Bureau, the Los Angeles municipal government spends $20000 a year to buy foam lunch boxes, and Los Angeles citizens use 2.3 billion plastic bags every year. The sustainable development of the non degradable foam lunch box new material industry is an inevitable choice to meet the sustainable development of economy and society, and plastic bags have caused serious pollution to the environment

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