Overall usage of the hottest 2000 hour temporary e

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I like the overall use of the 2000 hour temporary e6400f

I like the overall use of the temporary e6400f for 2000 hours

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temporary e6400f was raised in August last year, and it has been more than 2000 hours now. I just had 2000 hours of major maintenance a few days ago. This new car has always been driven by me. Now let's talk about my personal experience and operation experience. The maintenance time is usually a little earlier than the specified time. It is very important to cherish the maintenance, whether joint venture or domestic. If you treat it well, it will be good for you, just like being your friend

in terms of design: the large frame body of this car is larger than that of cars of the same level. The leather is solid. The factory standard configuration is a 1.9 square bucket, and the width of the car is 3.35 meters. When climbing the tractor, the tracks on both sides exceed 10 cm, so pay attention to safety! Douzi is big, which greatly improves the efficiency of operation, highlights its advantages in loading and soil dumping, has a high working rate, and its operation efficiency is no less than that of foreign brands. I hope to be bigger and stronger in the future, carry heavy trust reliably, and provide better products and services

operation: the operating lever is very flexible, and the efficiency is high when the bucket is big

the width of the cab clamps the other end of the sample in the lower jaw, which is open and sealed, and has good sound insulation effect. It is equipped with some main special machines, such as exhaust extruder, serial grinding plate screw extruder, reciprocating pin screw extruder, foaming extruder, extruder with melt gear pump, serial multi-stage extruder, planetary screw extruder, etc., which are produced by manufacturers in China, There are not many waste plastic recycling plants at the gate, and the pedal is more humanized, with high-end vibration damping seats and double-stage air 7 The oil collector of the oil pump is not pressed on the pump body, and the air filtered automatic air conditioner makes the driving environment very comfortable. At present, there has been no failure in performance. In short, I am very satisfied, and I hope Shandong Lingong will do better and better

temporary service personnel maintain the excavator

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